Intention Analysis

Intention Analysis is the identification of intentions from text.

Ten intentions are listed in the following slides.

Early detection of the intent to complain or quit can help prevent customer churn.

There are brand metrics that can be estimated using intentions.

Sales leads can be collected using intentions.

So can competitive intelligence.

Intention Analysis algorithms can be resistant to noise and so can be used for crisis monitoring.

We offer sentiment analysis in ten languages but intention analysis is available only in English.

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Enhance your Business using Intention, Event and Sentiment Analysis

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  2. Serve customers
  3. Track competitors
  4. Predict trends
  5. Follow events

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The Aiaioo Labs Intention Analysis engine is capable of identifying ten intentions and can process social media messages at upwards of a million messages per server per day, making our offering one of the faster text analytics offerings around.

The Intention Analysis engine is tuned for noise cancellation since it is meant to be used on social media data which is very noisy. So, it provides high precision and moderate recall.

The comprehensive text analytics offering is called VakText. It consists of the following APIs:

  • VakIntent for Intention Analysis
  • VakSent for Sentiment Analysis
  • VakEvent for Event Analysis

Sentiment Analysis is offered in 10 languages.

VakIntent Precision

Precision scores are over 80% for some intentions. Precision is linked to noise reduction. When an intention is identified, it is likely to be right 8 out of 10 times.


VakIntent Recall

The recall scores are around 40% for some intentions. This means that more than one in three messages bearing those intentions will be identified.


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  • Evaluation

    per server per month
    • For evaluation only

    • VakText APIs

      VakIntent, VakSent and VakEvent

      [ sentiment in 10 languages ]

    • 1,000 sentences

      Maximum daily sentences

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  • Professional

    per server per month
    • For brand owners and agencies

    • VakText APIs

      VakIntent, VakSent and VakEvent

      [ sentiment in 10 languages ]

    • 1,000,000 sentences

      Maximum daily sentences

    Uptime Guarantee and Support
  • Premium

    per server per month
    • For middleware vendors

    • VakText APIs

      VakIntent, VakSent and VakEvent

      [ sentiment in 10 languages ]

    • 4,000,000 sentences

      Maximum daily sentences

    Uptime Guarantee and Support





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  1. Intention analysis in English
  2. Sentiment analysis in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Indonesian and more.

Research Publications

  1. Paper on Natural Language Programming presented at IJCNLP 2011 and the Slides.

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